FlashPoint 1.5

Flash presentations made easy


  • Easy to use
  • Output files very small so does not slow down browser


  • Only allows limited Flash effects
  • Interface is very bland

Not bad

Flash gives both presentations and websites a touch of class. The problem is, it's usually a pain to work with. FlashPoint attempts to make things a little bit easier.

If you have ever wanted the ability to create rich multimedia presentations for your website that are fast loading and work properly across browsers then FlashPoint is a solid option. The stand out feature is the fact that it's incredibly easy to use. Normally working in Flash can be pretty complicated but this program reduces even the most complex tasks into drag and drop operations. You don't actually work in Flash though - you work with your raw text, graphics and audio until you've got all the pieces in place and then simply convert to Flash.

The program also does a good job of compacting the final files into something that won't slow down visitors on the site, which is one of my biggest gripes with most flash websites. FlashPoint presentations are all saved in Flash format which are supported by all browsers.

It's hardly the most advanced or even well presented Flash presentation application out there but it's ease of use and small file outputs mean it's definitely worth a go, especially if you're unfamiliar with Flash.

If you have ever wanted the ability to create rich multimedia presentations for you website.

Fast loading and cross-browser compatible. Imagine, Drag and Drop your Text, Graphics, Audio to the workspace and export it to Flash. It's that easy.

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